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ZINDN cold spray zinc anticorrosion case: Jianghai West Road rapid transformation and supporting project won the second prize of 2021 Shanghai Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Project Selection!

Recently, according to the "Notice on Announcement of the 2021 Shanghai Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award-winning Projects" of the Shanghai Survey and Design Industry Association, the rapid transformation and supporting project of Jianghai West Road (Luoshe Xinkaihe ~ Fengxiang Interchange) won the 2021 Shanghai The special second prize of the city's outstanding engineering survey and design project, ZINDN has the honor to participate in the custom work of Jianghaixi Road steel structure anticorrosive coating.
24 2021/08

75 meters above the sky! ZINDN assists the anti-corrosion project construction of the Huaihai Road Bridge on the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal

Recently, the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal Huaihai Road Bridge project received a good news, and the project was officially completed and officially opened to traffic! As for me (zinc) (shield) who participated in the anti-corrosion construction project of the bridge, looking at the 75-meter tower of the bridge, I am always full of pride and pride!
19 2019/10

"Zinc Road Zhengrong, Thank you for having you" ZINDN Technology participated in the acceptance of the Shacheng Bay Cross-sea Passage Project

In the scorching heat of July, there is such a group of people. They have their feet on the heat wave and the sun above their heads. They are based on their jobs, sweating like rain, running at the project acceptance site, repeatedly inspecting and checking whether the product coating technology is in place. This is the ZINDN people "improving quality and quantity. Stick to the professional spirit of "Safety is the priority"!
19 2019/10

The Baoji Botanical Garden Bridge officially opens for trial operation

ZINDN made his debut in "C" position "perfectly" again! This time, Zinc Shield assisted the construction of the first all-welded bridge in the country and the largest steel truss arch bridge in the northwest, the Baoji Botanical Garden Bridge, officially opened to traffic! Zinc shield people proudly added a shining touch to the city's economic development!
19 2019/10

"Zinc" Witness-Condensing the Spirit of Ingenuity Recording ZTE Penglai 2X1000MW National Demonstration Project

On the road of development, we have witnessed the implementation of great national projects one after another. We have witnessed the development of the times with "heart", and we have used "zinc" to build a strong protective barrier for the development of each city. As witnessed by "Zinc", Zinc Shield people gathered their ingenuity and contributed to the successful anti-corrosion project of ‘ZTE Penglai 2X1000MW High-efficiency Ultra-clean Coal-fired Power Generation National Demonstration Project #1 Unit Boiler Large Beam Hoisting’!
19 2019/10

The steel truss girder of the Nansha Port Railway Crossing Hongqilishui Road Bridge, known as "the world's first span", has been closed recently

A blue “great dragon” lies on the Hongqi Lishui Road. As a national key railway project, Guangzhou Nansha Port Railway is a controlling project. The main bridge of the Hongqi Lishui Road Bridge has a total length of 998 meters. It adopts a dual-track railway (138+360 +360+138m) Flexible arch structure with steel truss beams, with double main spans of 2×360 meters, which is difficult to design and construct. After completion, it will become the largest span bridge of its kind in the world.
19 2019/10
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