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Successful application case of graphene heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating system: Fu-Xia high-speed rail Quanzhou Bay Bridge was successfully closed. Innovative technology won many world bests!

The Quanzhou Bay Cross-sea High-speed Railway Bridge has innovatively adopted the "graphene heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating system", which will achieve a breakthrough in extending the anti-corrosion life.
30 2021/08

Cold spray zinc anticorrosion case: How does the domestic first 312 national highway super-long multi-span continuous elevated structure solve the anti-corrosion problem of steel box girder structures?

As a key project in Wuxi City, the 312 National Road Reconstruction and Expansion Project has advanced and strict industry standards in the selection of anticorrosive coatings for steel box beams. ZINDN's water-based cold spray zinc coating has stood out among many suppliers, helping to build China's first ultra-long multi-span continuous viaduct.
24 2021/08

ZINDN cold spray zinc anticorrosion case: Jianghai West Road rapid transformation and supporting project won the second prize of 2021 Shanghai Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Project Selection!

Recently, according to the "Notice on Announcement of the 2021 Shanghai Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award-winning Projects" of the Shanghai Survey and Design Industry Association, the rapid transformation and supporting project of Jianghai West Road (Luoshe Xinkaihe ~ Fengxiang Interchange) won the 2021 Shanghai The special second prize of the city's outstanding engineering survey and design project, ZINDN has the honor to participate in the custom work of Jianghaixi Road steel structure anticorrosive coating.
24 2021/08
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