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What issues need to be considered when purchasing cold spray zinc coatings?

As a new type of heavy-duty anti-corrosion primer, cold spray zinc anticorrosive paint has great advantages compared with traditional epoxy zinc-rich and inorganic zinc-rich primers: one component: convenient construction; high zinc powder content, good anti-corrosion effect , Environmental performance is also good. Therefore, it is very popular with anti-corrosion engineering users. Whether it is painting steel structure iron towers or hot-dip galvanizing repairs, they are all areas where they can show their skills.
27 2021/07

What are the precautions for coating construction?

High-performance coatings are usually two-component products. Each component should be thoroughly stirred before use, and then the base paint A component and the curing agent B component should be mixed according to the volume ratio shown in the manual and stirred evenly. The B component should be poured into the A component. Make sure that all equipment and containers are free of moisture.
27 2021/07

Corrosion protection knowledge

What is metal corrosion? Metal corrosion is a phenomenon in which metal and surrounding media undergo chemical, electrochemical, or physical interaction to become a metal compound and be destroyed.
07 2021/06
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