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  • 20+

    20+ High-performance anti-corrosion related inventions and patented technologies

    Innovation R & D capability is our core competitiveness

  • 1000+

    1000+ National large-scale demonstration project applications

    Protect customer reputation, Guarantee product quality

  • 25+

    Long-lasting anti corrosion for more than 25 years under various anticorrosive environments

    We use zinc as a shield to make corrosion difficult to survive

Zindn redefines long-term anti corrosion

/ Long-lasting Anticorrosion


Alternative to hot-dip galvanizing /heat spray galvanizing and upgrade zinc-rich coatings

Anticorrosive life of single layer over 25 years

Convenient application, single component, easy repair, good matching

No thermal deformation, Eco-friendly

Galvanizing is as easy as painting


High-performance anticorrosion

Zinc solid content ≥95%, zinc purity≥99.995%

Double protection, corner welds are not rusty

25 years maintenance-free, 67% reduction in lifetime anti corrosion investment

With zinc as a shield, no rust


Professional focus, leading the industry

Zindn third generation cold sprayed zinc, salt spray resistance 10000 hours, 6MPA-20 MPA adhesion

5000 hours cathodic peel resistance

15 years of technical experiences, recognized and trusted by thousands of customers

Powerful R & D team, principle research + basic research + 1000 application practice improvements = Beyond similar foreign products

Industry leader and standard setter


Trustworthy partner

Multi-scenario, multi-industry and various corrosion conditions, providing a comprehensive one-stop solution.

Full-process services to solve various chaotic problems from selection, procurement, painting. Worry-free

High Cost-effective

Become”Huawei” in the anti corrosion industry

Zindn water based paints

/ Water-borne paints

Zindn water based paints

In response to national environmental protection regulations, encourage the development of new water based paint products.

The patented "H-inhibition" technology independently developed by Zindn captures the trace amount of H + ionized by water.,
Inhibit the hydrogen evolution reaction of active zinc powder, and achieve stable storage of zinc powder in water.

Dilution of pure water, healthy and tasteless.

The level of solvent-based coatings can be reached or even surpassed within the specified construction conditions.