Enterprise culture

Enterprise culture


Our Mission

Science and technology protection, the world is always new

corporate vision

Ten billion in ten years, the first brand value company in the field of protection in China!

core value

Integrity, extreme empathy, moving customers

Corporate Responsibility

Zindn Shield has established a "low-carbon, blue sky" corporate charity and environmental protection alliance and a charity fund. Zinc Shield promises that for every kilogram of cold spray zinc produced, it will spend 0.1 yuan at the same time into the public welfare fund, and the fund will be fair and open to green environmental protection.

I hope more people join our charity and environmental protection alliance, scan and follow our WeChat official account, or find the official account input“Zindn Industrial Industrial Anticorrosive Coatings”Just follow us.


Social responsibility of Zindn people

Energy saving and environmental protection, promoting green development, and making the earth and human life better are Zindn's goals.
Using more environmentally friendly zinc shield products, you are welcome to join the zinc shield "low-carbon blue sky" alliance and work hard to realize the dream of "blue sky, green water and green mountains"!

Join the Zindn "Low Carbon Blue Sky" Alliance, and join hands with Zindn to "lighten the burden" for the planet

do you know?
Each ton of cold spray zinc can save about 100 tons of steel galvanizing, and each ton of plating parts consumes 160 kWh of electricity and 1 ton of water. For every ton of cold spray zinc used, 16,000 kWh of electricity and 100 tons of water can be saved. In total, it can reduce our planet:


Carbon dioxide:


Sulfur dioxide:


Nitrogen oxides:


Toner dust:


Sewage Disposal:100 tons

Zindn has initiated and established the "Low Carbon Blue Sky" corporate charity alliance and charity fund together with responsible companies in the industry. Zinc Shield promises that for every kilogram of cold spray zinc produced, RMB 0.1 will be invested in the public welfare fund. The fund will be openly and fairly invested in actual environmental protection actions, and the whole process will be notarized.


The Ningbo Chunxiao Bridge project has reduced:
carbon dioxide:119150kg x 15.95kg = 1900442.5kg
Sulfur dioxide:119150kg x 0.48kg = 57192kg
Nitrogen oxides: 119150kg x 0.24kg = 28596kg
Toner dust: 119150kg x 4.35kg= 518302.5kg
Sewage Disposal:11915t


The Zhuhai Hengqin Second Bridge Project has reduced:
Carbon dioxide: 34990kg x 15.95kg = 558090.5kg
Sulfur dioxide: 34990kg x 0.48kg = 16795.2kg
Nitrogen oxide: 34990kg x 0.24kg = 8397.6kg
Carbon dust: 34990kg x 4.35kg = 152206.5kg
Sewage discharge: 3499t

Responsible companies are welcome to join the "Low-Carbon Blue Sky" corporate charity and environmental protection alliance and contribute to the protection of our only home on the earth!

Zindn Sustainable Development Vision

Sustainable development is an important part of Zindn’s strategic development. Zinc Shield adheres to the corporate mission of "protecting the world with science and technology", and reduces waste gas pollutants through the use of high-efficiency and high-pressure airless spraying in environmentally friendly anti-corrosion coatings-cold spray zinc products, and through single-layer thick film coating Save raw materials. Zindn always strives to balance the relationship between economy and environment, and develop more systematically and coordinately.

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