Talent strategy

Talent strategy


Talent strategy

Honesty, extreme, empathy, moving customers

Recruitment mechanism

---The use of talents in an eclectic manner is a sharp sword for Zinc Shield to successfully develop the high-end market

Zindn is looking for talents who agree with the core values of Zindn across the country. Through this kind of recruitment method that is not limited to regions and methods, it strives to start from the selection of candidates, break the traditional concept of employment, and to the largest extent and to the greatest extent according to Zindn’s The development plan includes talents from all quarters, and the only-oriented operation of talents greatly improves the efficiency and success rate of recruitment and selection; on the other hand, it gradually breaks the boundaries of identity and qualifications, establishes a flexible employment system, and changes the company's employment standards. To recruit the best based on ability;

Encourage employees to play the highest level of work in a work environment full of motivation, fair competition and mutual cooperation.

Performance management system

---Fair and fair motivation of talents is the cornerstone of Zinc Shield to improve the overall management level

According to the overall development strategy and human resource management goals, it is decided to design and implement a performance management system based on the use of people and the company's strategy to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees and improve their work efficiency;


Salary distribution strategy

---Do everything possible to retain talents, is the source of power for Zinc Shield to win the future

It has implemented an industry-competitive salary system that matches the performance of employees and serves as the long-term and lasting development positioning and management focus of Zinc Shield, which is used to motivate more employees to make continuous progress in teamwork. The salary return system adopted by Zinc Shield is a broadband salary system, which is mainly to open up the internal distribution gap based on contributions, combine the salary with company benefits, job responsibilities, individual performance and team cooperation indicators, and gradually establish a distribution mechanism with job salary as the main body , With rigorous theoretical basis and solid actual data support, fully embodies the comprehensive respect for employees’ contributions, values ​​and abilities; every Zinc Shield employee, any contribution made through personal efforts will be higher than the market average s return.

Annual salary adjustment opportunities, year-end bonuses will be issued based on employee performance and company performance at the end of the year. The company also purchases housing provident fund and social insurance for pension, medical care, work-related injury, unemployment and other social insurance for each employee; regular employee group lunches unite the hearts of employees, holiday gifts and birthday greetings make you feel like home at all times. Parental courtesy allows you to further feel the core of the temperature enterprise.

Education and training system

---Interactive and efficient training of talents is the magic weapon for Zinc Shield to maintain its vitality

Build a professional training platform within the company, and the new barracks training aims to help employees quickly adapt to the company's culture. Company-level training includes understanding of company history, corporate culture, company regulations, departmental systems, etc., and provides various professional quality courses for employees from time to time. Departmental training will implement a mentor system. After new employees take up their posts, they will be assigned by the department-old employees to implement the "mentor system" training, and one-to-one will lead you to join a new team. External training aims to improve the professional output of employees. The performance output program carries out training plans and introduces an internal promotion mechanism. When a company has a job vacancy, the company will first consider the company's existing employees and provide them with opportunities for promotion.


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