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ZD8680 two-component fluorocarbon top coat

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ZD8680 two-component fluorocarbon top coat

A two-component aliphatic high-solid fluorocarbon topcoat with high crosslinking degree made of tetrafluorofluorocarbon resin, aliphatic isocyanate curing agent and high weather resistance pigments. The fluorine content is more than 24%. Comply with the technical requirements of JT/T 722-2008 for highway and bridge steel structure anticorrosive coating, technical requirements for railway steel bridge protective coating and coating supply TB/T 1527-2001, and cross-linked fluororesin coating HG/T 3792-2014 .

Performance characteristics:
Highly decorative, super anti-ultraviolet performance, excellent weather resistance; The paint film is bright and clean, not easy to be stained with dirt, and has good self-cleaning performance; High solids, low VOC, no chlorine, and the solvent-soluble fluorine content is not less than 24%; Excellent chemical resistance, good permeability resistance, and outstanding corrosion resistance.

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Product Description
Product Description:

A two-component solvent-based self-curing inorganic zinc-rich primer; its composition conforms to the international standard ISO12944 and the United States SSPC Paint 20; conforms to the HG/T3668 Type I ① regulations. It can also be customized according to the requirements of the order with TypeⅡ low-lead zinc powder that meets the ASTM D520 standard, and the dry film metal zinc content≥80%。

Main features:

The metal zinc powder content in the paint film is high, which has excellent cathodic protection and anti-rust effect;
It has excellent corrosion resistance, weather resistance and abrasion resistance; in a dry environment, the long-term temperature resistance can reach 400℃, and the occasional short-term high temperature can reach 500℃;
It has excellent chemical resistance in media with a pH value of 6-9; it is a solderable primer.

designed usage:

Used as a high-performance anti-rust primer for steel structures in atmospheric environments;
As a single coating, it can be used on steel surfaces that are exposed to moderate to severe corrosive environments and are prone to wear;
It can be used as the inner wall of a cabin or storage tank, and can be loaded with low-moisture oil or solvent and approved dry cargo.

For detailed product data parameters and customized solutions, please contact Huadong Zindn technical staff.


ZD8680 two-component fluorocarbon top coat
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