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ZD6030 epoxy zinc-rich primer

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ZD6030 epoxy zinc-rich primer

A two-component solvent-based self-curing inorganic zinc-rich primer; its composition conforms to the international standard ISO12944 and the United States SSPC Paint 20; conforms to the HG/T3668 Type I ① regulations. According to the requirements of the order, it can also be customized with TypeⅡ low-lead zinc powder that meets the ASTM D520 standard, and the dry film metal zinc content is ≥80%.

Performance characteristics:
The metal zinc powder content in the paint film is high, which has excellent cathodic protection and anti-rust effect;
Has excellent corrosion resistance, weather resistance and wear resistance;
In a dry environment, the long-term temperature resistance can reach 400℃, and the occasional short-term high temperature resistance can reach 500℃;
It has excellent chemical resistance in media with a pH value of 6-9; it is a solderable primer.

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Product Description
Product Description:
A two-component high-solid heavy anticorrosive epoxy zinc-rich primer composed of epoxy resin, zinc powder, solvent, additives and polyamide curing agent.
Main features:
The paint film has excellent anti-rust performance; it can provide cathodic protection for local damaged areas; it has excellent adhesion to the surface of carbon steel that has been spray-cleaned.
designed usage:
As a primer, it is used on blast-cleaned bare steel surfaces in moderate to severely corrosive environments, such as steel structures, bridges, port machinery, offshore platforms, engineering machinery, storage tanks and pipelines, power facilities, etc., and is used in conjunction with high-performance paint , Can further improve the anti-corrosion performance of the coating; can be used for the surface of the approved zinc-rich shop primer; can be used for the repair of damaged areas of galvanized parts or zinc silicate primer coating; only used for surface treatment during maintenance Only on the surface of bare steel can it exert its cathodic protection and anti-rust effect.
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ZD6030 epoxy zinc-rich primer
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